Guest Writers

We are always looking for new content to appear on the site and as a result, we are offering a chance to appear on our entirely dedicated 'Guest' column and on our 'Featured' page read by thousands with our readership extending globally.

To do this, please submit your article and accompanying picture via the contact form found below after you've read the following guidelines. If you fail to select a picture, I shall personally select one that meets that article's subject matter. Please leave a contact email in case there is an issue with your submission and so we can contact you upon acceptance.

-Limited profanity accepted
-Must feature an element of satire or of a parody nature
-Must not be racial or too offensive towards certain groups in society
-Must match and be written similar to the style already found on the website
-Subject matter can be selected from a wide range, there is no limit. All we ask is that you keep it current.
-(Optional) Please promote us!